Tanya Journal

Tanya Journaling


‘Tanya Journaling’ is an innovative method of applying the teachings of the Tanya by empowering those studying what was essentially written as a spiritual guidebook, and allowing them to write, record, and monitor their personal growth.

The Tanya journal is intended to accompany daily or weekly Tanya lessons. Each section contains highlighted ideas to provoke ideas that will help students reach set goals in character building and personal relationships. Students may also join Rabbi Fine’s weekly ‘Tanya Mentor’s Group,’ where participants share their challenges & victories, receive personalized guidance, and have their questions answered by Rabbi Fine in a manner that facilitates growth.

Click here for a sample of the Tanya Journal.

Click here or on the image below to order your copy of the first journal on Iggeret HaKodesh (holy epistles). Cost is just $20 Canadian.

In addition, you can join Rabbi Fine’s mentor program of 5 sessions once a week starting July 21st at 7:30pm. Cost is just $100 Canadian!