Channel Descriptions

Daily Tanya (30-60 min)

A daily class providing inspiring and empowering insights with depth and clarity. Diving into the mystical-psychological teachings as part of your daily routine enables you to absorb the insights and integrate them to attain a deeper understanding of the self and position yourself for greater self-mastery.

One Minute Tanya (1 min)

A daily thought containing a short yet penetrating insight to contemplate while on the move or help jumpstart a meditation. Life changing ideas in sixty seconds.

Tanya in Five (5 min)

A brief synopsis of the Daily Tanya class that provides a broad overview summary of the text and the major points covered. Perfect for an abridged study session or a quick recap.

Weekly Wisdom (30-60 min)

A focused analysis on a concept or segment in the weekly Torah reading (parsha) from the Five Books of Moses (Chumash). Weaving classic commentators, mystical ideas and contemporary insights, Weekly Wisdom serves up lessons that are timeless and relevant to our lives today.

Learn Rambam Daily (30-75 min)

A lecture based on the teachings of the 12th century sage and philosopher Maimonides, also known as the Rambam (an acronym for Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon). His writings, particularly the codification of Jewish law & ethics have made him one of the foremost scholars in Jewish history. Learn Rambam Daily and you will discover the brilliancy of our rich values and legal system.

SoulTalk (farbrengens)

Sparked by an auspicious day on the calendar or by an inspired mood, SoulTalk is Tanya Rabbi unplugged: Free-flowing, stream of consciousness, interactive group therapy, soulful conversations and words from the heart. In Chassidic terminology, this is known as “farbrengen,” which means gathering – a gathering of the self, and a gathering of souls on a journey.